• "Dear Child Protection Center:

    You were there the day my life was turned upside down. The shocking phone call, the blur of a drive to rush to be by her side and grab her and hug her. The phone call to the local police department in the midst of it all.

    You were there for us in a world of unknown something no one ever prepared you for. The beginning of an emotional roller coaster...

    You took us in with compassion and reassured us you would be there every step of the way. You knew what I was going through; sadly, you have seen this time and time again. The forensic interviews with the children, the information on counseling, and the information on the process of the courts.

    You gave me peace of mind knowing I wasn’t in this alone. Thank you, Child Protection Center, for everything."

  • "My daughter was very scared and by the time it was over she was very relieved… I only wish that my experience as a child would have been so nice, mine was very traumatic even to this day. Thank you so much."
  • "Everyone was kind, considerate and thorough about what to expect. It helped put me at ease and helped my child feel comfortable talking. It made a painful situation a little better by the care that was put into it. Thank you."