Meet Our Volunteers


Lauren knew she wanted to be a graphic designer since she was 11 years old when her dad bought her the first wacom tablet on the market. She began freelance designing in college, and her first project was creating a t-shirt design for the Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois. The shirts were being sent to Africa to raise awareness of malaria prevention. From that moment, Lauren fell in love with the idea of being able to work on a really diverse collection of projects through freelance. Some notable projects Lauren worked on recently include designing The Shriver Report for Maria Shriver and The Credits Lounge at South by Southwest for the Motion Picture Association of America. Lauren also likes to paint, sew, and dabble in photography. She is a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady! Visit her portfolio at



Megan Galicia has been studying and perfecting her Spanish-language skills since 1995, when she first spent a summer in Xalapa, Mexico. Raised in Kansas City, Megan has lived and worked primarily in Mexico and Texas. After teaching English as a second language in Mexico, Megan moved to Austin, Texas, where she worked for 9 years shaping state education policy for immigrant students learning English. Megan and her husband Esteban returned to Kansas City in 2013, where Megan is attending law school at UMKC. She plans to specialize in immigration law. Fun fact: As a horse-crazy little girl, Megan once rode her horse through a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru, ordered lunch from a very shocked restaurant employee, and then rode back to the barn to enjoy it. 




Meet Bobby Pitts, cinematographer and video producer based in downtown KC. Bobby is very active in the community and regularly contributes to non-profit organizations. During his youth and college years, he used home video and photography to document and amplify his interests. In summer 2013, he decided to create a video for a friend’s business, by renting basic video equipment. This immediately turned into full-time video work for other organizations, giving him a fast fascination for producing content that is visually and emotionally rich. Some fun facts about Bobby in his own words, “I work too much and drink too much coffee. I have the happiest wife ever, and that has nothing to do with me. She is a dietitian, but I can tempt her to eat pizza anytime.” Check out his amazing work at